Monday, July 4, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas - Family Photographer

Brought my camera to our 4th of July Weekend trip to Ft. Worth, Texas. Our trip wouldn't be complete without it. Tristan only sees his dad's side of the family at least 2-3 times per year. Therefore, memories lasts longer when they are captured with a camera.

Tristan is at the "playful" stage. His cousin, Jayden, definitely enjoys playing him. Whether its basketball, riding their cars/bikes, or playing on top of the billiard table... They always end up having a good time.

Father and Son... Tristan is an exact duplicate of Trent. It amazes me how they have similar facial expressions. I love looking at Trent's childhood pictures and comparing them to Tristan. The quote "the apple doesn't quite fall far from the tree" is so true with these two. I ♥ these boys...

This little boy is Trent's friend's son...  Isn't he ADORABLE?

Papa George with his Grand Boys... They sure do love their Papa George.

This little princess is Tristan's other cousin, Lyric. She is such a doll and her eyes are so beautiful... they change colors based on what she is wearing.

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