Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kylee - Carmel Baby Photographer - River Heritage Park

Isn't she a doll? She is one of the cutest baby girls I've ever seen in my life! I love the fact that she is such a princess. When we first sat her on the grass, her hand gesture was priceless. She held them up as if she was trying to tell us that she didn't like how it felt on her bottom. The trait of a DIVA!

Beautiful... Like Mother, Like Daughter!

I stumbled across a picture of a baby eating a watermelon slice... I had to re-create it! It was the first time Kylee ever tasted a watermelon. And from the looks of it, she was in "tastebud heaven." She definitely loved it! Once the shoot was over, I felt so bad taking it away from her.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Date with Photographui - Carmel Children Photographer - River Heritage Park

Friday photo date with Maria "Photographui." (Yessss... her name is Maria and she's a Filipina too!) She has a daughter who's a couple of years older than my son. We scheduled a play date/photo date with our kiddos. A time for them to get to know each other and time for us to take snapshots. I'm glad she was able to fit our date in to her schedule... she's very busy! Why wouldn't she? She's such an amazing photographer!

Her daughter, Natalie, was a pro in front of the camera. She has such an angelic face and beautiful smile.

I'm looking forward to more photo dates with her!

Make sure you check out her website:
Thanks for all of the photography tips too! Love ya!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perfect SUNDAY in June - Noblesville Family Photographer - Forest Park

Such a beautiful Sunday in June... Sunny and the temperature was in the mid 70's. Too cold to be poolside but PERFECT for a stroll in the park...

Forest Park was equipped with ample of activities... a park the kids love, miniature golf course, a merry-go-round, train station, and more. There were several groups of people in shelters celebrating a birthday or BBQ'ing.

Have you met my mommy? Isn't she beautiful? She is one strong woman... My sisters and I are very blessed to have her as our mother. Tristan also loves his LOLA.

Here's my favorite little boy... Tristan is difficult to take pictures of. He's always on the move!

My little sister, Anne, is so beautiful! She definitely has a great sense of style. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she is very creative. She made the earrings she's wearing in this shoot. She will be starting an online store to sell her earrings soon...

More pics on my Flickr album... See slideshow below for more pics taken at Forest Park.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Andrew and Candace - Carmel Couples Photographer - Village of West Clay

Another first for me! Andrew and Candace were the first couple I've ever shot. They came over our house for a last minute BBQ... We had no intentions of doing a photo shoot at all. But hey... the best things come together when it's unplanned right?

Andrew and Candace are both college students at Indiana State University. They both are on the right track for their future. Being with each other is just the icing on the cake. Their relationship is full of smiles and laughter. These images I've captured explains it all... Being with the one you love always brings you happiness.

See more pics of Andrew and Candace on my Flickr album... 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Percy - Carmel Baby Photographer - Flowing Well Park

I finally did my first baby photo shoot. I had so much fun doing it simply because I love babies. It reminds me of when my son was still a baby. Babies grow up so fast!

Little Percy Ocasio (3 months old) was such an angel to work with. He did AMAZING during the shoot. He was comfortable and didn't complain at all. He definitely made my first baby photo shoot easy. Check out his skin complexion and curly hair... I love it!

We did the photo shoot at Flowing Well Park in Carmel, Indiana. It was also my first time shooting there... I didn't know the Flowing Well attracted so many people. Several people came with lots of empty jugs to fill up with water. I didn't taste the water, but it felt very cold. So with that said, Percy had an audience during his shoot. He's a natural in front of the camera and in front of the audience.

Thanks Nikita for giving me this opportunity! I hope to work you and Percy again soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love is Life - Fine Art Photographer

I was given this idea by one of my friends. He wanted to use it as a picture for something he was working on. I fell in love with the idea. Turned it pretty good huh? I was very proud of myself. I think the pictures tell a story about Lost Love.

PS: I need to design a signature for my pictures...


Indiana Museum of Art - Indianapolis Family Photographer

Photography Workshop

I never read the manual to my camera... Maybe I should've but I'm not fond of reading. I signed up for photography workshops with Miles Fork. Miles Fork is a well known photographer in Indianapolis. I've worked with him a couple of times when I used to model. He's pro with the camera and with editing images.

My first DSLR Camera

I finally bought an SLR Camera. I'm using a Nikon D3100 to be exact... I was told not to invest a lot of money on the camera. The lens and accessories are more important.

My first photos with my camera was taken at West Park in Carmel, Indiana. Once again, my son was the subject. He's my favorite subject : ).