Sunday, October 9, 2011

Anne (Sweet 16) - Carmel Portrait Photographer - West Park/Coxhall Gardens

My youngest sister, Anne, will be 16 years old in a couple of days.... October 18th to be exact. WOW! She's growing up way too fast. She is a Sophomore at Carmel High School and is learning how to drive. She's still my baby sister in my eyes. She's such a brilliant teenager... Her accumulative GPA is higher than a 4.0, she's enrolled in AP classes, she's also a pole vaulter, a wonderful artist, and an amazing singer! You definitely need to check out a few of her YouTube videos!

Happy 16th Birthday, Anne! Stay beautiful and NEVER change who you are for anyone. Love you!

(Side note: She wanted a vintage look on her pictures. Definitely not what I'm used to. My photography is more on the vibrant side. So this is the first time I've ever done this. Let me know what you think)

Before the pics, I decided to post one of her YouTube videos. Enjoy!

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