Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kymora (3 years old) - Indianapolis Children Photographer

Kymora Brooklyn Petty is THREE years old! ♥♥

How time flies... She was born a little over a month before my son was born. She is obsessed with Barbies. What girls aren't? I bought her a little car for her Barbie and she was so excited to play with it.

I helped put the stickers on her Barbie Car and it reminded me so much of my childhood. Being a girl is so much fun! Hopefully I'll have a daughter sometime in the future.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Kymora! I hope ALL of your birthday wishes come true. ♥♥

Kymora's Daddy (on the left) and Kymora's Grandpa (on the right)
Our Birthday Gift to Kymora
Kymora with her Daddy and favorite Grandma

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